How Power-Time control quality!!!

Power-Time professional in manufacturing two way radio&TETRA accessories almost 10years,widely in 68 countries.
    We always insist in supporting partner good quality products.That's what we can doing now and in the future.
    You can see clearly from the following video how strictly we control our quality.
    Hope this kind of strong testing make you more confident in our quality and identify with the spirit of  pursuit of excellence quality.Quality is the best repay to customers.
    Wish you will get more an more customers and business opportunities.

Testing list you will see from the following video:
1.Salt Spray testing 
2.PTT long life testing 
3.Sweat,derv corrosion resistance
4.Swing testing 
5.Elasticity testing   
6.Tensile testing   
7.Waterproof testing 1M 30 minutes 
8.Dust proof testing